Company profile

GF has been active in industrial automation since 1979, designing and manufacturing machinery for quality and process control in the pharmaceutical and beverage sectors.

All project and manufacturing phases, from the customer’s technical specifications to final testing are managed directly by the GF Technical Department, to guarantee total quality and delivery compliance. The core competences of GF apply to inspection machines, filling lines and related equipment, and complete ISBM systems. Non-destructive Quality Inspection is the area GF began its operations in and today, thanks to the increasing product security demands in the pharmaceutical world, represents a fast growing business segment.

Tailor-made and Innovative

GF is the ideal partner for flexible, reliable filling applications, where tailor-made solutions meet high performance and efficiency. Always attentive to technological innovation, GF invests its resources to research and develop new products and processes, choosing the most reliable and advantageous market proven solutions. Each customer’s specific requirements are handled and tackled with the aim of combining performance with ease of use, new technologies with reliability, quality with value for money. Proven expertise worldwide make GF the ideal partner to deliver your most demanding pharmaceutical liquids and quality control packaging technology challenges.